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Distributed systems toolkit for RDMA

The Derecho Project

Derecho is an open-source C++ distributed computing toolkit that provides strong forms of distributed coordination and consistency at RDMA speeds. Its goal is to be a library for building high-speed replicated systems on RDMA networks, with a simple and flexible interface that is much easier to use than standard RDMA drivers. The platform is currently under development by a Cornell-based team that includes Jonathan Behrens (@fintelia), Sagar Jha (@sagarjha), Matthew Milano (@mpmilano) and Edward Tremel (@etremel), as well as Professors Ken Birman and Robbert van Renesse.

Source Code

You can download the source code for Derecho from our main repository at The README hosted at that repository provides installation and usage instructions.


The GitHub README at the derecho-unified repository contains a brief guide to setting up and running a distributed service using Derecho. You can also read it here. In addition, most of the developer-facing code in Derecho is documented with Doxygen comments, and the generated Doxygen HTML is hosted at this website for your convenience. We hope to publish a more detailed user guide on this website soon.